A Sneak Peek at DIFX’s Upcoming Features

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In this DIFX AMA, Mr. Shreenath Iyer, our CMO had a friendly chat with the DIFX community on the launch of its upcoming features, the DIFX Ambassador Program, and the DIFX Spot War Competition.

Here are the key highlights of the event:

DIFX Innovations: Cross-Asset Trading, Insured Wallets, and the Nomination Program

After briefly introducing himself, Shreeath talked about DIFX’s current features and its journey so far: “I’ve been with DIFX as its CMO since the very beginning of the project and am truly amazed by our growth so far. We are in the process of creating various new features and launching interesting campaigns like our current trading competition, referral bonuses, ambassador community, etc.”

Q1: Could you name 3 of your favorite DIFX features or what you think are the key USPs of the exchange?

First and foremost, DIFX was built with the goal to be disruptive in the trading space. We have always wanted to provide users with a safe trading platform, that was not only user-friendly but also seamless and well supported.

As for 3 features, my favorite ones are definitely Cross-Asset trading, Insured Wallets, and the Nomination Program. These features were designed & implemented in a way to let DIFX users grow a diverse portfolio of traditional & digital assets in a secure way!

Q2: I know you mentioned cross-asset trading before but could you give the community a quick refresh on what exactly it means?

Yes! Cross-asset trading essentially means trading between different asset classes. What we do is a step further, because we give our users the option to trade between digital and traditional assets. Meaning we have exotic pairings like (BTCxGold), (EurxBTC), etc.

On the traditional side as well we do have a lot of instruments ranging from stocks, indices, metals, crypto CFDs, commodities and so much more. All of which can be found and traded on our MT5 platform.

DIFX Programs and Competitions

Q3: So, we hear there is a DIFX Ambassador Program! It really sounds like a great initiative and I’m sure a lot of people will be interested in joining. Could you give us a brief explanation of what the process is for joining?

Yes! We have just launched our global ambassador program. We are looking to further grow our community and support it across the globe, so we have launched this campaign to help us with this goal.

As a DIFX ambassador, you will get access to a lot of exclusive benefits like trading discounts, merchandise, event invites and so much more. We are looking for a team of enthusiastic crypto self-starters to really the ball rolling!

Q4: How can the community be incentivized regularly?

We have numerous rewards programs going on! There is a sign-up bonus of $500. A Friend Referral Program for 25% off of trading fees. Telegram quizzes and twitter puzzles. Also, we have a live trading competition going on worth $5000 in USDT.

DIFX’s Upcoming Features

Q5: What are the new innovations that are going to be launched by DIFX?

So recently, we have been in the process of introducing various new features to the exchange. A few weeks back, we added 50 new crypto CFDs to the MT5, and soon we will be implementing futures trading into the spot exchange.

Along with this update, there will be various other changes to enhance the overall user-friendliness of the exchange.

There’s also another big feature that is coming which is under wraps, for now, so you will have to wait and see.

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