New Listing: League Of Pharaohs (LOP)

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Digital Financial Exchange (DIFX) is adding League Of Pharaohs (LOP), an NFT-game token to its spot exchange. The LOP/USDT pair will be listed on the DIFX platform on 15/11/2022:

  • – Trading Pair: LOP/USDT
  • – Deposit Available: 09:00 A.M. (GMT)
  • – Withdrawal Available: 09:00 A.M. (GMT)
  • – Trading Available: 01:00 P.M. (GMT)

What is LOP Token

League Of Pharaohs (LOP) is an NFT game focusing on Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn mechanics by leveraging blockchain technology. LOP is built on a zero-barrier entry model where anyone can play and progress in the game with no upfront costs required.

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Risk Warning

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