2 Days with DIFX at TOKEN2049

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TOKEN2049 just wrapped up its 2-day event in Singapore with more than 200 leaders of the web3 space taking the stage to talk about the crypto and blockchain industry and share their ideas on the market. 

DIFX team has participated in this year’s event to meet some of the leading members of the industry and share its one-year journey in the ever-changing crypto space. Let’s go through some of the key moments of the event:

Day 1

Despite the current bearish sentiment and the gloomy outlook for the markets, the Day 1 of the event ended with an optimistic prospect for the crypto, blockchain, and metaverse space. The positive comments from Dan Morehead, the founder of Pantera Capital, were one of the key moments of the event. Pantera Capital is the largest crypto-focused hedge fund in the world and is aiming to raise $1.2B for its second blockchain fund.

Day 2

Jeetu Kataria, the CEO and Co-founder of DIFX shared his insights on the challenges that centralized exchanges are facing in current market conditions and how a solid regulatory framework could help the crypto industry to reach that mass adoption it truly deserves.

Jeetu also talked about the Nomination Program, one of the main DIFX innovations, and how it can help crypto users to protect the future of their funds and ensure their safe transfer to their family or loved ones in case of unfortunate events.

You can take a look at some of Jeetu’s notes here.

What is TOKEN2049

As one of the premier crypto events, TOKEN2049 brings together the main voices within the crypto and blockchain space, providing them with a great opportunity to share their ideas and insights. The event is held annually in Singapore and London where industry leaders try to cover the global developments of the space while highlighting its opportunities and benefits for the individuals and businesses.

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