DIFX Adventures in This Week

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This week, the DIFX Team attended two exciting conferences: the “Web Summit 2022” which brought more than 71,000 people together in Lisbon, and the “LA Blockchain Summit”, a leading web3 conference in North America. Blockchain events and conferences are the best places to meet like-minded people in the crypto space, giving the industry a shared platform to share their insights and ideas and envision and build a better future for the space.

The DIFX Team also connected with prominent industry fellows, shared our vision and goals with the space, and looked for constructive partnerships to expand our reach and ecosystem.

Here’s a quick wrap-up of this exciting week:

DIFX in Kyrgyzstan

Omar Al-Ali, one of the Key Nodes of the DIFX exchange, paid a visit to some of our friends in Kyrgyzstan this week. Omar and his team are working on something exciting in the country, a new initiative from DIFX to bring the beneficial aspects of the crypto space to more people around the world.

Stay tuned for further updates from Omar and his team! 

Web Summit 2022

This year, the Web Summit 2022 brought together more than 71,000 people and tech companies from 160+ countries in Lisbon, Portugal. The event lasted for 4 days and was wrapped up on November 4. More than 1000 people spoke at the event to decide the next steps for the space as the world is facing many economic challenges.

Elizaveta Korolkova, our head of listings, also attended the event to discover promising crypto projects and bring them to our DIFX users. Elizaveta had the opportunity to connect with many high-potential projects, so stay tuned for new listing announcements in the future.

LA Blockchain Summit

LA Blockchain Summit is one of the prominent conferences in North America focused on blockchain investing, building, and mainstream adoption. The event is planned for three full days, featuring insightful speeches from thought leaders, builders, active investors, and funds. This year’s summit started on November 1 at Los Angeles Convention Center and was concluded on November 3, creating a 3-day memorable experience for the industry members.

Ashita Shenoy, CFO of DIFX Labs, and Hasnae Taleb, our Head of Investments attended the event, meeting with potential investors and building valuable partnerships.

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