DIFX Small Balance Converter: Convert Your Crypto Dust into a Crypto Storm!


If you have some crypto trading experience, you’d probably know about the small amount of crypto coins that are left in your crypto wallet after trades or transactions. They are typically too small in value to trade, ranging from less than a penny to a few dollars. These leftover coins are called Crypto Dust and although small in value, they can add up to a significant amount.

DIFX Small Balance Converter allows you to convert your crypto dust to DIFX Tokens which then you can withdraw or use within the DIFX ecosystem.

What is Crypto Dust?

Crypto dust is the small amount of crypto coins that may be left out in your crypto wallet after a transaction or trade. Every trade has a minimum trading limit and every amount below that is considered crypto dust.

As a trader, you can’t use your crypto dust in trades anymore as they are too trivial and fall below the limit. But what if you could add them up together, combining all your crypto dust and making them more significant in value?

Well, the good news is that some crypto exchanges already offer a solution for this which essentially allows you to convert your crypto dust to another cryptocurrency, mostly the native token of the platform.

What are Benefits of Converting Crypto Dust?

Converting your crypto dust into a crypto storm simply means piling up the small amounts of crypto tokens you have into a larger amount of cryptocurrency in your wallet. Doing this have several benefits for crypto users, and they are:

Decluttering of wallets

Converting crypto dust can help users declutter their wallets and exchanges, making it easier to manage their cryptocurrency holdings. By consolidating small amounts of crypto into a larger amount, users can avoid having their platform clogged up with insignificant amounts of cryptocurrency. 

Increases Profitability

By users converting their crypto dust into a larger amount of cryptocurrency, they can take advantage of any potential price increases in the future, potentially increasing their overall profits.

Helps improve space management in wallets.

Converting crypto dust can help users increase their overall holdings and avoid issues with space management. 

Used for charitable donations

Users can donate their crypto dust to charitable causes, which can make a positive impact and help those in need.


Crypto Dust on the DIFX Exchange

DIFX Small Balance Converter is a new feature on the DIFX Exchange that helps you to make the best of your crypto dust. Here’s how it works on the DIFX mobile app:

Go to your DIFX Wallet and choose “Spot” from the top menu. Now, select “Convert small balance to DIFX”

Select your coins, check the amount of DIFX Tokens that you’d receive, and click on “Convert”.

That’s it. Check your wallet to see your new DIFX Token balance.

Should I Pay Any Fees for Converting My Crypto Dust

Yes. You need to pay a 2% fee. You can review the rates from the DIFX Fee and Conditions page.

Is There Any Limit to Converting My Crypto Dust?

No. You can choose your desired tokens from the list and convert them anytime you’d like.

How Trade Limit is Calculated on DIFX

The dust limit may differ from coin to coin and is based on the value of each crypto. In general, any leftover amount less than $10 is considered dust on the DIFX Exchange.

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