Memorable DIFX Moments of 2022


2022 was a cold winter for the crypto industry, however, like every bear market, it presented great opportunities for BUIDLers. And that’s what we, at DIFX, were mainly focusing on this entire year.

Even though the crypto market experienced relatively-sharp price declines, as a cross-asset platform, we managed to minimize its sudden and negative effects on our operations. This is the main reason we were able to extend our operations to new regions, expanding our team further.

Here are a few memorable DIFX moments in the past year:

DIFX Participated in CryptoExpo 2022

We made our official first appearance with the new branding at CryptoExpo 2022 where people could come to our stand and learn about the newly launched Nomination Program, an outstanding solution for wealth management in the crypto space.

Jeetu Kataria, our CEO and Co-founder presented our platform and its new features to the audience while Osama Bari, our Chief Technology Officer, participated in a group talk, discussing the future of centralized crypto exchanges.

A New Version of DIFX Was Launched

We unveiled a new version of our platform this year, offering multiple new features to our users and providing them with a smoother user experience and new investment opportunities such as Staking.

DIFX Grew from 5M to 550M AUM with Fireblocks

In 2022, Fireblocks published a case study on how DIFX grew from $5 million in assets in custody to $550 million. The report was published in April, reporting DIFX’s growth from Spring 2021 when Fireblocks was officially rolled out.

Another interesting side of the report showed how DIFX is offering lower fees to its customers, saving $30,000 to $40,000 annually in gas fees on ERC-20 with Fireblocks’ Ethereum Gas Station.

DIFX Secured a New EU License

This year was a good year for DIFX on the regulatory side as well as we were able to secure an additional license from the European Union for virtual asset exchange and custody services; A great milestone that allows us to expand our services globally and provide accessibility to various communities all over the world.

DIFX Joined Crypto Oasis and Its Blockchain Ecosystem

This year, we also announce our alliance with Crypto Oasis, the fastest-growing blockchain ecosystem in the world. This was a great partnership in our journey as it allows DIFX to further expand its presence in the global crypto market and keep on building the industry.

DIFX Celebrated A New Chapter in Its Journey

We celebrated our first-year anniversary as well, looking back at our achievements in the first year of operations and remembering our main goal: to provide the crypto space with one, comprehensive platform that gives them the possibility of exploring different markets at once.

DIFX and eZaga Joined Forces With DoshFX

In a partnership with eZaga, a prominent South African digital banking platform, we launched DoshFX, a secure and user-friendly solution for buying and storing cryptocurrencies. DoshFX was launched as a regulated centralized crypto exchange that allows users to invest in cryptocurrencies using their debit or credit cards.

The DIFX Family Embodies More than 100 Members Now!

This year, we welcomed many new members to the DIFX Family to help us in our mission of creating a new financial order by bridging the gap between traditional and digital assets. We have in our family members with diverse life experiences and technical expertise, a family of experts who come from different backgrounds.

Each member represents a community in this globe, familiarizing DIFX with the needs, interests, and demands of their society and providing us with the opportunity to bring true financial inclusion to all people in the world.

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