New DIFX Staking: ATOZ Token

Dear X-Changers,

Digital Financial Exchange (DIFX) is adding the ATOZ staking option to its staking program. The staking option is live and ready to use now which allows you to earn up to 100% APY.

  • Staking Periods: 10, 15, and 30 days
  • Rewards Calculation and Payout: the staking interest is distributed daily from 00:00 (UTC) on the day after the staking is confirmed until the end of the corresponding period

ATOZ Staking Options

Duration (days)

APY (%)

Minimum Locked Staking Amount

Maximum Locked Staking Amount














Note that you cannot redeem your ATOZ tokens before the end of the staking period. If you choose early redemption, the principal will be returned to your spot account, and the interest distributed will be deducted from the refunded principal. You keep the right to withdraw from the staking program at any time, only upon request.

Read more about DIFX Staking Terms and Conditions.

What is ATOZ Token?

ATOZ Token is the native currency of Race Kingdom, a P2E metaverse-focused racing game that offers its own NFT collections. ATOZ is a BEP-20 token and is specifically designed for in-game transactions.

Race Kingdom Community

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