Behind the Scenes of Global Markets: As Japan & UK Set To Release Data

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Welcome to DIFX Dive, where we plunge into the heart of the week’s most crucial financial stories. This week is brimming with anticipation as nations and economies make their moves on the global stage.

Japan is poised to reveal its GDP data, offering a telling glimpse into the Q2 growth trajectory. Concurrently, China’s unexpected slash of the 1-year lending rate has sent shockwaves through the markets, evoking whispers of mounting pressure.

In the UK, all eyes are on the upcoming CPI data release, a compass for inflation trends. Across the ocean, the Fed is about to unveil the minutes from the previous FOMC meeting, shedding light on the intricate threads of their policy discussions.

Brent Meyer, the Fed’s chief inflation sentinel, has hinted at a “smooth” conclusion to the inflation narrative, infusing the air with both curiosity and caution. And speaking of inflation, the EU’s latest CPI reading from July is set to reveal the efficacy of their rate hiking cycle.

In today’s DIFX Analytics, we’re going to look into the following assets:


US 10-year bond yields




❖ Gold is breaking the 200-day EMA after bearish sentiment.

❖ Rising yields in the US are supporting the Dollar causing negative price action for Gold.

❖ China’s struggles are impacting global trade and investors are now shifting cash into the Dollar for the safe-haven trade which is causing additional weight on Gold.

US 10-year bond yields

❖ US 10-year yield is rising and is near a resistance level.

❖ If this current level is broken we could see yields make an upwards move to 4.6% and 5% respectively.

❖ If yields continue to gain, this will result in Dollar bulls, which in turn will affect the rest of the market.


❖ Bitcoin is slowly approaching the trend line, which we forecast will result in some bullish price action.

❖ The digital asset has traded sideways for months now as sentiment has been split.

❖ There is no momentum in the asset to carry it above $32,000 at the moment but we project after the ascending lower trend line is hit, long positions will enter the market.


Crypto products are unregulated and could be highly volatile. Please be aware of the risks before investing.

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