Goods and Shelter Inflation are Slowing Down while Supply Chain Pressures Ease

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Goods inflation Below Fed Target

good inflation decelerates

❖ Goods inflation is growing at a healthy pace and is on track to bring CPI down to the Fed targets.

❖ The Fed is confident that the worst is behind us and the next few hurdles to reach the inflation target will be smoother sailing.

❖ Goods, excluding food and energy inflation, which make up a large portion of CPI, are already below the 2% target.

Supply Chain Pressure Returns to Normal

❖ Supply chain pressures are no longer affecting global trade.

❖ We are seeing pre-pandemic levels of supply chain pressures as the market stabilizes.

❖ These figures support growth in the economy which is in line with the “soft landing” narrative.

Shelter Inflation Slows Down

❖ CPI for Shelter is trending slightly downwards.

❖ The Zillow Rent Index is lower than 5% for the first time since 2021, which signals that rent prices in the US have grown at a much slower rate in 2023 compared to 2021-2022.

❖ As we see Shelter inflation begin to slow down, investors will have fewer concerns about the housing market.

❖ This data supports a soft landing for the US economy.

A deeper look at the markets


❖ Tesla cut prices for Model Y in China, which sent shares lower as investors are concerned about profit margins. Tesla ended the session 1.2% down on Monday.

❖ Nvidia rose 7% on Monday with its biggest single-day gain since May 25th, when it increased 24% after pummeling revenue expectations.

❖ PayPal ended the session up 2.8% after naming ex-Intuit Alex Chriss as the new chief executive officer.
Ford names ex-Apple executive Peter Stern as President of

❖ Ford Integrated Services. Stern previously oversaw Apple TV and he will bring this experience to help Ford build digital and subscription-based services.


❖ Oil was up during Tuesday’s Asian trading session after China unexpectedly cut rates to the 1-year lending rate for loans to financial institutions.

❖ Gold is falling as the Dollar rises on support from high bond yields.

❖ Uncertainty in China will result in traders becoming bullish on the safe-haven Dollar which will hurt Gold.

❖ Investors can keep an eye on developments in China for sentiment on the overall commodity market.


❖ The Dollar began the week trading higher as investors are worried about China’s struggles affecting the global economy.

❖ The Dollar, which had strengthened in recent weeks, is now being further supported by the safe haven trade.

❖ Traders should keep an eye out for any policy measures from the Chinese government to bolster their economy.

❖ If China can respond with a healthy monetary policy, then this should tame the trade.


❖ Shiba Inu’s new blockchain is set to launch on August 15th.

❖ Sand, APE and INJ will have token unlocks this week to increase the supply in those protocols.

❖ Sam Bankman-Fried goes to jail after violating bail on several occasions.

❖ PayPal sets sights on the Defi industry after stablecoin launch.

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