Central Bank Leaders Gear Up for Jackson Hole

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Read the Data

Let’s take a quick look at some market data:

Incoming Interest Rates

fed jackson hole rates

❖  Investors will be keen to gauge how dovish Fed Chair Powell’s language will be when he speaks at Jackson Hole.
❖  The current sentiment reflects that of a soft landing, with cooling inflationary pressures and robust growth in the economy.
❖ Currently, a September rate hike is not being priced in and investors are focusing on when the Fed plans to cut rates in 2024.
❖  Investors should listen to Jerome Powell’s speech on Friday for any signals as to how long rates will be kept high.

US Recession Dwindles

❖  Recession fears are falling after robust economic data and better-than-expected earnings reports.
❖  Inflation is cooling faster than expected with no signs of negative impact on output in the economy.
❖  Due to the solid performance of the US economy, the Fed can look to keep rates higher for longer without too much risk of a recession.
❖  As recession fears dwindle, we may see economists forecast the Fed cut rates later on in the year.

China Continues to Struggle

china policy rates

❖  As China struggles to recover post-pandemic, they unexpectedly cut the 1-year lending facility rate.
❖  Investors are concerned about whether that is enough to bolster the economy and are betting that more rate cuts will be introduced in the near term.
❖ The real estate market is adding to the weakness in the overall market with major companies in the property sector hanging by a thread.
❖ CPI and PPI are currently undergoing deflation.
❖ New loans are at the lowest in 2 years and home price growth is in negative territory.
❖ Cutting rates will increase capital for investors and boost the real estate market which will, in turn, support inflation.

Inflation Hits Turkey

❖ The key central bank policy rate in Turkey is 17.5%.
❖  Inflation in the country is reaching extremely high as it nears almost 50%.
❖ These inflation figures are unsustainable for the Turkish economy and the governor of the Turkish central bank has vowed to increase rates at a “steady” pace.
❖ There will be a rate increase on Thursday and investors are poised to see how large the rate hike will be.

Look into Markets

Let’s see what happened in markets this week:


❖ Nvidia which gained 6% last week, outshining its peers, is poised to have a solid week as it will report earnings on Wednesday.
❖ HSBC has raised its price target for Nvidia to $780.
❖ The chip maker has gained more value since the rise of generative AI, and the rest of the tech sector has capitalized on this hype
❖ This earnings report will be key to the equities market as it reflects the AI industry as a whole.


❖ Gold is sliding as US bond yields are nearing historic highs.
❖ Unease in China is supporting the Dollar, putting pressure on the value of Gold.
❖ Inflationary pressures are easing while the economy is performing well, and economists are projecting that this will encourage the Fed to hold rates higher for longer.
❖ Oil is consolidating as the market expresses concerns over China’s recovery.


❖ The Dollar is slightly lower at the start of the week after five weeks of bullish moves.
❖ There isn’t much movement in the Dollar due to investors awaiting signals from Jackson Hole.
❖ Fed Chair Powell is expected to provide some clues as to how the Fed plans to navigate interest rates toward the end of the year.
❖ The South African Rand is trading higher on Tuesday as the BRICS summit kicks off.


❖ Bitcoin suffered a series of liquidations last week, leading to the asset’s price falling to $26,030.
❖ Bitcoin broke out of a bullish trend it had been following since the beginning of the year.
❖ The soft-landing narrative, which indicates to the Fed that they can maintain higher rates for an extended period, exerted selling pressure on Bitcoin.
❖ Ethereum is presently trading at $1662 on Tuesday following bearish movements in the crypto market.

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