DIFX Adventures in This Week

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Digital Financial Exchange (DIFX) had an exciting week as the blockchain and web3 events and conferences were kicked off this month, offering many the opportunity to meet the industry leaders and share their visions and ideas for the future.

Let’s walk through some of the DIFX adventures this week.

Future Blockchain Summit Kick-off Night

DIFX joined Crypto Oasis as a Lounge Partner to hold a memorable event to kick-start The Future Blockchain Summit 2022, one of the main crypto events of the year. Many of the innovative partners of the Crypto Oasis ecosystem participated in the event, creating a friendly and productive experience for all the members.

Stars On Board Technologies’ debut was one of the highlights of the night which was attending the event as the partner of DIFX. The project introduced its promising decentralized app for the first time which aims to take influencer marketing to the next level.

The Future Blockchain Summit at Gitex Global

The Future Blockchain Summit, the first and largest blockchain conference and exhibition in the MENA region, started its 4-day event on Monday, October 10th in Dubai World Trade Center. It was part of Gitex Global, the world’s largest, most inclusive tech and startup event, bringing together innovative solutions, from 6G to metaverse.

Jeetu Kataria, the CEO and Co-founder of DIFX joined a panel discussion at the “Digital Asset Exchanges” roundtable on 12th October 2022 which was part of the Crypto Oasis Forum Talks at the TDeFi Pavillion. Some of the lead voices of the crypto community participated in the discussion and shared their insights and ideas on how the UAE is rising as a global hub for digital asset exchanges and the ways to make the country the destination for such businesses.

On the future of UAE as a leading ecosystem for the blockchain and crypto industry, Jeetu pointed out the prominent regulatory approach of the government, stating that:

(in) Dubai, even before VARA, there were a few free zones which came out with certain small crypto regulations…. with the regulations coming in with VARA, ADGM and different Free Zones, which will be governed by the central bank, I think in coming 5 years, UAE will become the Blockchain capital of the world with the regulations going on.

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