From Listing Process to DIFX’s Vision

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Digital Financial Exchange (DIFX) AMA sessions are back, with Shreenath Iyer, our Chief Marketing Officer, taking our community on a quick DIFX tour. In these two AMAs, Shreenath explained our listing process and the criteria that DIFX looks into when considering new projects. He also talked about our vision and how DIFX is proceeding with its roadmap.

Let’s dive deeper:

AMA on Friday: How DIFX Lists New Projects

In the first AMA, Shreenath talked in detail about DIFX’s listing process and the main criteria that the team looks into for vetting new projects.

Listing Process in Detail

Shreenath explained that DIFX takes its listing process quite seriously to make sure that only promising tokens make their way into the DIFX ecosystem.

The projects have to first send the required documents, like their whitepaper and business plan, to DIFX and the team will start the listing process from there. Legal, tech, and marketing teams will conduct their due diligence separately and the project will get listed only after the collective approval of all the teams.

Watch the Next Promising Metaverse Token

Shreenath also announced the addition of a new metaverse-focused token on the DIFX platform. Rimaunagis Token (RXT) is the native token of Rimaunagis ecosystem, a Play-to-Earn (P2E) metaverse platform aiming to tokenize real-world land and assets like cattle and farming lands.

According to Shreenath, RXT token listing comes with a promotion campaign, offering new DIFX users $1 worth of RXT tokens upon sign-up if they use the promotion link. Alongside this, new DIFX users can also enjoy the regular $500 worth of DIFX Tokens.

AMA on Saturday: DIFX’s Vision, RoadMap, and Its Unique Indonesian Community

Shreenath started the session by explaining the idea behind the DIFX exchange and how it was born. DIFX was created as a comprehensive platform to address the needs of traders that want to trade both traditional and digital assets seamlessly, aiming to bridge the gap between the two asset classes.

DIFX’s Vision

Shreenath then moved on to talk about DIFX’s journey in its first year of operation, from the Nomination Program to securing a new EU license, releasing a new version of the platform, and growing from $5M to $550M assets under management with Fireblocks, one of the main digital asset custodians of the world.

Pointing to DIFX’s achievements so far, Shreenath laid out DIFX’s next step in its Roadmap: becoming one of the top 10 crypto exchanges in the world in the coming year.

Indonesian Community

Shreenath also talked about the Indonesian crypto space and shared some interesting statistics with the community. According to the “Global State of Crypto Report”, 41% of Indonesians own crypto assets which marks the country as one of the top destinations in terms of crypto ownership.

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