DIFX Spot Exchange: the New Look

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As a cross-asset trading platform, DIFX comes with a unique and innovative solution to close the gap between traditional and crypto assets. And DIFX Spot Exchange is one of the key elements of this solution which makes cross-asset trading a captivating reality.

At the moment, DIFX MT5 and Spot Exchange work in harmony to bring both crypto and traditional assets together on the DIFX platform. Simply put, you can trade crypto assets, like Bitcoin and Ether, and traditional assets, like oil and gold, on the DIFX exchange. But it’s just a small piece of DIFX’s master plan for you!

We have been working on the architecture of the exchange over the past 9 months, adding assets from our MT5 platform to the Spot Exchange. The new update released last week was the first result of these efforts which brings us closer to offering a comprehensive, unified platform for both crypto and traditional markets.

Here are some of the exciting new features that you can find in the new look of DIFX Spot Exchange:

Cryptocurrency Converter

With DIFX Converter, you can simply compare the price of two different crypto assets and see the rate you’ll get on the DIFX exchange. The exchange rate used in this converter is based on the actual exchange rates calculated using the last price on the DIFX platform.

It’s quite straightforward to use. Here’s what you should do:

  1. First, choose “Convert” from the top menu.
  2. Now, on the Converter page, you can review the rate for the coins that you already have in your wallet. Let’s say you have some DIFX Tokens in your wallet and want to check their current value in dollars. For this, you need to select “DIFX” and “USDT” from the drop-down menus, type in your desired amount, and click on “Preview Conversion”.
  3. Check out the price and the amount you’ll get. You can also refresh the converter to see the latest rate.

Custom Notifications

You can now set up your custom notifications in every crypto market on the DIFX exchange to stay on top of the market movements. This feature is currently available only on DIFX mobile application, however, we’re planning to release the web version in the near future as well.

Small Balance Converter

After every trade, a small portion of your tokens may be left out in your wallet which is too small to trade. We call this small amount “Crypto Dust” which may be worth from less than a penny to a few dollars. Even though small in value, Crypto Dust may add up to a significant number and be quite useful in your trades.

DIFX’s Small Balance Converter helps you to convert any leftover crypto in your wallet to the DIFX Tokens. This feature allows you to benefit from something otherwise forgotten by withdrawing your new DIFX Tokens or using them for paying the trading fees.

The process is quite simple:

  1. Go to your DIFX Wallet and in the “Spot” section, choose “Convert small balance to DIFX”. You will see a list of available Crypto Dust for conversion.
  2. Select your desired tokens, check the amount you’ll receive, and click on “Convert”. Please note that DIFX will charge a 2% fee on each conversion.

Trading Layouts

The new update allows you to choose the best layout that suits your trading style on the spot exchange. To choose your favorite trading layout, simply go to the “Exchange” page and click on the “” icon. 

Here’s what the different layouts look like:

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