Here’s How You Can Get Your Token Listed on DIFX

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After receiving your listing application, we start an exhaustive due diligence process to ensure that your token meets all our criteria. Our tech, marketing, and legal teams will go through your documents separately and your token will be listed only if all these teams give their independent approval.

The listing process may be strict, however, you can make sure that your token gets listed on Digital Financial Exchange (DIFX) by following a few tips.

For more information about the listing process and the required documents, head to our support page

Solid Whitepaper

A robust whitepaper is probably the key component of your project. It provides us and the crypto community with basic information about your project and its use cases, mission, and vision. Make sure that your whitepaper is up-to-date, comprehensive, and contains all the required information.

Strong Team

A strong team ensures that your project is in intelligent hands and will survive through challenging times. We expect one of your key members, preferably your CEO, to send the listing application to us and lead the communications.

A detailed profile of your team members and their roles will help us to assess your projects better and faster so make sure to send us all the required information.

Concrete Tokenomics

No matter whether you’re planning to have your Token Generation Event (TGE) with DIFX or your token is already circulating in the markets, you need to have concrete tokenomics in place. The total supply, token distribution mechanism, and token burning events (if applicable) are just some of the metrics our teams would look into

Active Community

The crypto space is known for its supportive communities and how they can have a great impact on a project’s future and success. As a crypto project, we’re expecting you to have vibrant communities on major social media platforms such as Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram. An active fan base on Discord and Reddit can be a bonus point.

Consistency with Roadmap

Having a solid roadmap is one thing, but sticking to it and releasing consistent upgrades is what really differentiates a successful crypto project from a dormant one. We expect you to provide us with the progress you’ve made so far in your project and what lies ahead.

Final Notes

It usually takes us a few days to go through your project and make a decision. In the meanwhile, we expect you to be available in case we needed any more information from you. Remember that the criteria we look into are not limited to those mentioned above, however, they are essential to get your token listed on the DIFX exchange.

If you have a promising crypto project, we’re looking forward to hearing from you. Send your application to [email protected] today to get your token listed on DIFX. You can also start your listing process through our online form. For more information, head to our support page

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