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US equities have moved slightly higher as the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) sale is pushed through. Additionally, First Republic soared 27% on the news showing confidence returning in the banking sector.

While US Treasury yields gained on Monday as crisis fears seem soothed, some investors are still concerned about banks sitting on unrealized losses in their balance sheets. The sentiment is mixed at the moment.

In today’s DIFX Analytics, we’re going to look into the following assets:

Bitcoin/US Dollar (BTC/USD)


Euro/US Dollar (EUR/USD)

The Dollar Index (DXY)

Gold/US Dollar (XAU/USD)

US Dollar/Japanese Yen (USD/JPY)

Bitcoin/US Dollar (BTC/USD)

❖  Bitcoin has met some resistance at the key level of $28,000.


❖  The 25bps rate hike has instigated a selloff in risk assets but Bitcoin still seems bullish as the bank crisis continues.


❖ We have seen markets mixed as fear lingers even as SVB has been bought out.


Ethereum has stalled at the $1800 level.

The digital asset is experiencing consolidation at this key resistance.

The markets are weighing out the path forward after the interest rate hike.

We expect the upward trend to continue even with the rate hike.


Euro/US Dollar (EUR/USD)

EUR/USD has seen a steady decline over the past 2 trading days.

The rate hike gave some strength to the Dollar as it gained against the Euro.

We can expect flat trading until the market evaluates the banking situation. 


The Dollar Index (DXY)

Dollar Index fell to a recent low of $101.8.

The Dollar is trading below the 200-day EMA, signaling a bearish trend.

RSI is sitting under 50 which further indicates bears in the market.

Major currencies have gained against the Dollar since the crisis.


Gold/US Dollar (XAU/USD)

❖  Gold is seeing some retracement downwards as the market settles slightly.

❖  No sign of a reversal yet and it seems the market is not yet convinced that the crisis is over.

❖  There is still some fear of contagion.

❖  If more uncertainty enters the market then we should see Gold push higher.


USD/JPY is trading lower as the Yen gains during periods of uncertainty.

The safe haven currency has seen major inflows since the crisis began.

Dollar weakness has also been largely due to the pricing in a lower terminal rate by the Fed.


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