DIFX Launchpad Goes Live with XActRewards

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As part of our responsibility to build the crypto and blockchain ecosystem, we are proud to announce the launch of DIFX Launchpad to support promising projects to receive the funds and guidance required for their further growth and success.

The DIFX Launchpad will welcome all the blockchain and crypto projects with an innovative idea, robust team, structured roadmap, and a solid whitepaper and will provide them with the required resources and funds to further develop their projects.

Jeetu Kataria, the CEO and Co-founder of Digital Financial Exchange (DIFX), called the new milestone a significant step, stating that:

“DIFX Launchpad will allow us to support potential blockchain projects and give value to our user base and the overall crypto community. Our goal with the DIFX Launchpad is to give access to a wide variety of promising projects that exist in the market and give them the break they need to successfully launch and thrive.” 

The DIFX Launchpad will start its journey with XActRewards, an innovative project that aims to revolutionize Loyalty Programs using blockchain technology.

If you have an innovative project and are looking for more support, don’t hesitate to apply for the DIFX Launchpad today. 

What is XActRewards?

XActRewards offers a blockchain-based loyalty program solution that brings transparency and security to conventional systems thanks to blockchain technology.

The system is based on a Proof-of-Buy protocol, meaning any buyer who has bought an item through the XAct-affiliated platforms will be eligible to earn rewards in the form of XAct tokens. This can be quite handy for shoppers as they will be able to manage their loyalty rewards from multiple merchants on one single platform.

Another interesting feature of XActRewards is that unlike traditional cash-back systems and loyalty programs, rewards are cryptocurrencies and don’t come with an expiration date.

The XAct token will be available for purchase on the DIFX Launchpad on the 30th March 2023 at 11 A.M. UTC.

A total number of 200,000 XACT tokens will be available till 5th April 2023 for the sale price of 0.25 USD.

Here’re the details of the sale:

❖ Cryptocurrency’s Name: XAct Token

❖ Ticker: XACT

❖ Chain: Polygon

❖ Max Supply: 10 Billion

❖ Current Supply: 100 Million 

❖ Tokens Available For Subscription: 200,000 XACT Tokens 

❖ Sale Price: 0.25 USD 

The presale will start on the 30th March 2023, 11 A.M. UTC and will end on the 5th of April 2023, 10:59 A.M. UTC.

Use the button below to participate in the presale of $XACT

As part of our debut launchpad project, we will also be giving away a 1000 USDT to our top 100 winners of the giveaway.  To participate, simply follow the rules stated here: GLEAM COMPETITION.



By participating in the launchpad, users acknowledge and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of difx.com.

Users are hereby cautioned that cryptocurrency trading is highly risky and should be approached with caution. While DIFX will strive to select high-quality tokens, it shall not be liable for any trading losses incurred by users.

DIFX retains the right to disqualify users and terminate their subscription to launchpad projects if it suspects any malicious activities, trades or actions.

❖ Please note that the rewards will be distributed for the giveaway one week after the campaign has ended.

❖ DIFX reserves the right to edit this campaign at any given time. 

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