DIFX DIVE: This Week in Markets


This week, we had the FOMC minutes which came out hawkish which is quite bullish for the Dollar, and bearish for Gold. The data also pushed Bitcoin price down as it briefly crossed the $17,000 mark.

We are expecting the Nonfarm payrolls to be released today at 17:30 Gulf Standard Time. This data shows the number of people who entered the job market in the past month and is an indication of inflation and growth in the US.

In today’s DIFX Analytics, we’re going to look into the following assets:

The Dollar Index (DXY)

The dollar is trending upwards. RSI is increasing, entering a higher rate and we expect it to cross 70 in the near term. Overall, the Dollar is bullish as the index recovers from a few months of weakness.

We are waiting to confirm a reversal, however, it can be considered a retracement or pullback at the moment.

  • Market Sentiment: Bullish
  • Support: $104.5
  • Resistance: $105.5

Bitcoin/US Dollar (BTC/USD)

Bitcoin is trading around 100-day EMA near $16,800. We are witnessing more long positions for the asset which can push it up to $17,000.

From technicals, we are expecting more bulls unless RSI falls below 50.

  • Market Sentiment: Consolidating
  • Support: $16,500
  • Resistance: $17,000

Euro/US Dollar (EUR/USD)

We are expecting Nonfarm payroll data today which will can cause more volatility in the market. We could see the Dollar bullish and EUR/USD drop to the next level around $1.04.

  • Market Sentiment: Bearish
  • Support: $1.045
  • Resistance: $1.052


Gold/US Dollar (XAU/USD)

Gold is retracing. A higher-than-expected ADP Nonfarm data can be bullish for the dollar and bearish for Gold. If that happens, we may see a sharp decline in Gold toward support 2 and 3.

  • Market Sentiment: Bearish
  • Support: $1833
  • Resistance: $1841

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