DIFX MT5: Don’t Limit Yourself to Just One Market Anymore

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It’s no secret that cryptocurrencies took the financial markets by storm. Their innovative financial products and investment opportunities attracted many traditional investors and traders, while their openness and accessibility allowed new people to benefit from a financial market for the first time ever.

In today’s market, investors and traders are constantly looking for solutions to somehow bring crypto assets into their investment portfolios. However, even with this growing demand, the crypto market still remains relatively isolated from other financial markets, like Forex or stocks.

DIFX aims to bring all financial markets together and provide its users with a single platform to manage all their investment portfolios. Let’s see how DIFX Exchange achieves this.

DIFX: Trade Without Limits

DIFX acts as a bridge between crypto and traditional markets. By combining traditional and crypto assets in a single platform, DIFX allows you to trade cryptocurrencies with traditional assets, like stocks or commodities.

Here are a few examples:

  • Crypto to Forex: Bitcoin vs. US Dollar
  • Crypto to Stocks: Ether vs. Tesla
  • Crypto to Commodities: Bitcoin vs. Gold
  • Crypto to Crypto: Bitcoin vs. DIFX Token

For this, DIFX uses the MT5 trading platform in combination with its own crypto spot exchange. Let’s go through the features together:


MetaTrader 5 (MT5) is a multi-asset trading platform that allows you to start trading Forex, stocks, commodities, and indices. As an all-in-one, smart trading platform, MT5 offers a comprehensive suite of trading tools.

As a DIFX MT5 user, you can enjoy:

  • 1. A powerful cross-asset trading platform with 4 order execution modes and all types of trade orders.
  • 2. Professional technical analysis tools, supporting 21 timeframes and more than 80 indicators and analytical tools.
  • 3. Economic calendar and news report for fundamental analysis.
  • 4. Automated copy trading.
  • 5. Trading signals with flexible risk exposure and profitability.
  • 6. Mobile and web trading.

Trading Instruments

DIFX MT5 allows you to trade more than 600+ instruments across various markets. Let’s take a quick look at some of the trading pairs:


  • EUR-USD: Euro vs. US Dollar
  • USD-JPY: US Dollar vs. Japanese Yen
  • CHF-JPY: Swiss Franc vs. Japanese Yen
  • EUR-GBP: Euro vs. British Pound
  • GBP-USD: British Pound vs. US Dollar


  • AAPL-TSLA:  Apple vs. Tesla Inc
  • TSLA-FOSUN:  Tesla Inc vs. Fosun International
  • AMZN-INTC: Amazon.com vs. Intel
  • FOSUN-AMZN: Fosun International vs. Amazon.com
  • INTC- AAPL: Intel vs. Apple


  • CUC-USD: Copper (Chicago) vs. US Dollar
  • XAG-CHF: Silver vs. Swiss Franc
  • XAU-AUD: Gold vs. Australian Dollar
  • XAU-GBP: Gold vs. British Pound
  • XPD-USD: Palladium vs. US Dollar


  • US100 – Nasdaq
  • US500 – S&P 500
  • NIFTY 50 – Nifty 50
  • DAX – Germany 30
  • JP 225 – JP 225

Additionally, MT5 allows for crypto trading for a limited number of coins. Alongside this, DIFX has launched its own crypto spot exchange to bring you the best of the crypto market.

DIFX Spot Exchange

DIFX Spot Exchange allows you to trade a wide variety of cryptocurrencies in a seamless and fast manner. From top crypto assets to trending DeFi and Metaverse tokens, you have numerous trading options to choose from.

Better Things Are on The Way

Currently, you can transfer some of your crypto assets from your DIFX wallet to your MT5 account and trade them across other markets. For example, you can transfer your Bitcoins and buy Tesla stocks. It’s quite straightforward already, but things are about to get a lot easier.

DIFX will soon be getting an update to its features that will further improve and merge traditional and digital assets. So Stay tuned to get further updates!

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