DIFX Integrates MT5 to Provide Its Users with a Cross-asset Trading Platform

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Digital Financial Exchange (DIFX) has added MT5 to its ecosystem to provide an even more cohesive facility to its users. With this new feature, DIFX users can leverage the MT5 platform to enjoy a cross-asset trading experience and have access to diversified trading options.

The DIFX ecosystem already consists of a crypto exchange and provides wallet administrations. The addition of MT5 aligns with DIFX’s vision to create a new standard of trading methods through sophisticated tools and technologies, therefore, bridging the gap between traditional and cryptocurrency markets.

What is MT5?

MetaTrader5, or MT5 for short, is an advanced platform for traders globally looking to trade in forex, stocks, bonds, and futures. It is a multi-asset platform offering sophisticated financial trading functions through its web app, mobile app, and desktop version. In addition, MetaTrader5 offers attractive features to traders, such as copy trade and auto trade options, facilitated by trading robots and signals.

Furthermore, MetaTrader5 offers seamless integration with over 80 exchanges around the globe, including Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGCX), and Moscow Exchange (MOEX).

MT5 Features

There are 38 indicators available on the MT5 platform, characterized into 5 different groups: Trend, Oscillators, Volumes, Bill Williams, and custom indicators. The custom indicator allows users to import an external indicator or even develop an indicator on their own.

The trend indicators include Double Exponential and Triple Exponential Moving Averages. Oscillators have a Triple Exponential Average while Bill Williams includes Market Facilitation Indexes on top of the existing indicators in the MetaTrader 4. The addition of these trends allows a deeper market analysis for the traders helping them to make informed decisions.

In terms of analysis, the MT5 provides Lines, Plotting Channels, Gann Tools, Shapes, Arrows, Fibonacci, and Elliot, amongst the total of 44 instruments that traders can use to read and understand price trends with more accuracy. This is further complemented by the wide range of time frames offered by the MT5 that provide a holistic view of the market.

Another attribute that MT5 brings to the table is getting Expert Advice on multiple currencies, allowing the traders to analyze several currencies at a single time. The strategy tester of the MT5 enables the traders to test their strategies in a simulation, giving a more realistic feel of the market.

An economic calendar is available on the MT5, which provides information about the macroeconomic events, which help investors with decisions and responses, minimizing the risk relative to the economic affairs.

Traders can also leverage the “Depth of Market” tool on the MT5, which allows them to see the depth of the liquidity available in a particular financial market. This tool shows the orders available in a market along with their price.

MT5 offers 3 types of “Fill Policy” including “Fill or Kill”, “Immediate or Cancel”, and “Return”. The “Immediate or Cancel (IOC)” is utilized when the order of the trader can not be executed completely. The possible available volume of the order is then completed and the rest is canceled. There is also a possibility of setting the return, according to which the remaining order volume is not canceled but executed on a set limit and stop-limit.

There's Much More to Come!

The addition of MT5 to the DIFX ecosystem is a critical step toward the platform’s growth and will allow for a more sophisticated trading environment. DIFX is not compromising when it comes to integrating the necessary tools to build a successful exchange. From technical tools to liquidity providers and market makers, DIFX brings together leading partners to create a pioneering cross-asset exchange.

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