DIFX Team at TOKEN2049


Digital Financial Exchange (DIFX) will be attending the TOKEN2049 event in Singapore, one of the prominent crypto events for fintech and web3 leaders to share their ideas on the market and its future.

Jeetu Kataria, the CEO and Co-founder of DIFX, also will be speaking at the event, sharing his ideas and experience on how a centralized crypto exchange can go through the bear market in face of a highly dynamic regulation, adoption, and innovation landscape.

Meet Our Team


Some of our brightest team members will be attending the event, ready to meet other blockchain and crypto experts and leaders to share ideas and insights. Meet our team at the event and join them for a chat if you’re planning on attending, as well.

Jeetu Kataria 

CEO and Co-founder

Osama Bari

Chief Technology Officer

Shreenath Iyer

Chief Marketing Officer

Hasnae Taleb

Head of Investments and Communications

Rose Perinchery

Head of PR


What is TOKEN2049

As one of the premier crypto events, TOKEN2049 brings together the main voices within the crypto and blockchain space, providing them with a great opportunity to share their ideas and insights. The event is held annually in Singapore and London where industry leaders try to cover the global developments of the space while highlighting its opportunities and benefits for the individuals and businesses.

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