MT5 Is Now Available on DIFX Wallet


The cross-asset trading features of DIFX have become much easier to use with the new version of DIFX Wallet. As a DIFX user, you can now access your MT5 account directly from your spot wallet, create new accounts, and review your balances.

The new update allows users to easily transfer funds between their MT5 accounts and spot wallet and start trading their favorite conventional assets such as commodities, stocks, Forex, and indices.

What is MT5?

MetaTrader5 (MT5) is a platform that provides global access to various trading options such as forex, stocks, bonds, and futures all powered by advanced technology and algorithms. These features can be accessed through the web app, mobile app, or desktop version all having numerous features that assist in the trading activities of the users. Some of the most popular features include copy trade and auto trade options provided through trading robots and signals.

Another significant value addition to the platform is through the unparalleled integration of Metatrader5 with over 80 exchanges.

As a DIFX MT5 user, you can enjoy:

  • 1. A powerful cross-asset trading platform with 4 order execution modes and all types of trade orders.
  • 2. Professional technical analysis tools, supporting 21 timeframes and more than 80 indicators and analytical tools.
  • 3. Economic calendar and news report for fundamental analysis.
  • 4. Automated copy trading.
  • 5. Trading signals with flexible risk exposure and profitability.
  • 6. Mobile and web trading.

How to Access Your MT5 Accounts on DIFX Wallet

To access your MT5 accounts, log in to your DIFX account. 

  • 1. Select “Wallet” at the top right corner.

2. Now, choose “MT5” from the left menu.

3. You can see your MT5 accounts, add new accounts, and check your balance here.

If you need any additional help in setting up your MT5 account, contact our 24/7 live customer support through clicking the chat icon on DIFX web or app. 

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