New Listing: Celebrity Coin ($CCV2)

Dear DIFX Xchangers,

Digital Financial Exchange (DIFX) has officially added Celebrity Coin (CCV2) to its spot exchange. $CCV2 is a cryptocurrency that seeks to decentralize the global entertainment industry by giving each contributor within this industry rewards and opportunities to succeed. 

Trading Pair: CCV2/USDT

Trading Available: 12:00 PM (UTC) on 6/06/2023 

What is Celebrity Coin?

Celebrity Coin which is also known as CCV2 is a cryptocurrency that plans to solve the problems faced within the global entertainment industry by leveraging blockchain technology.  

It seeks to decentralize the entertainment industry (particularly the film industry) by creating a transparent ecosystem that rewards its participants for their roles and contributions. The participants of this ecosystem will be taking up the roles of creators, curators, translators, reviewers, viewers, and more.

The CCV2 token particularly acts as a digital token for payments and revenue management for artists and ecosystem participants. Currently, they are also in the midst of building a decentralized marketplace and streaming platform for all individuals involved in the entertainment industry to create and share their films, series, music, and comedy videos. 

This will allow creators and artists to create their content in the form of NFTs, and sell them in the Celebrity Coin Marketplace.

Earn Additional Rewards

In celebration of listing CCV2, Celebrity Coin in collaboration with DIFX will be running a Gleam Airdrop competition of $500 worth of $CCV2 Tokens for the top 50 active participants. To join the competition and stand a chance to win, join here: 

Terms & Conditions

  1. For the listing of CCV2, DIFX will be running an AMA and Social Gleam campaign
  2. The rewards for the gleam and AMA will be distributed within a week of announcement. The distribution date is subject to change depending on users not claiming their rewards or giving the necessary information required to distribute 
  3. All social activities and giveaways through AMA & Gleam campaign are only eligible for registered DIFX users.
  4. Note winners will not be able to claim their rewards if they have not given their UID information within the specified timeline (as per the social media announcements)
  5. DIFX reserves the right to disqualify anyone it deems to misuse the competition or create multiple accounts for fraudulent purposes.
  6. DIFX regrets to inform you that users from the following regions and countries will not be permitted to participate in the AMA or Gleam event: Mainland China, the United States of America, Canada, Japan, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, and Crimea
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