Nonfarm Payrolls This Wednesday Will Set the Show as Bitcoin Aims for $32k

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The Core PCE Price Index came out toward the end of last trading week, signaling a cooling inflation rate. Nonfarm Payrolls coming out on Friday will give investors an indication of how the job sector is performing while the market begins to look ahead to September and whether we shall see one last rate hike or not.

Check out the calendar below to see what economic data is due this week.

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In today’s DIFX Analytics, we’re going to look into the following assets:


Bitcoin is retracing down toward $28,200. The price action is in a bullish trend on the Daily chart, however, we see the lower support level of this trend was hit before some substantial gains upward.

The next range is $32,200 – $37,000 once we see the resistance broken.


In the long term, Gold is expected to slide to the lower support trend. We should see long positions build up near $1920-$1930.

Nonfarm payrolls later this week should give some signals on the job sector growth.

US Dollar/Japanese Yen

The Japanese Yen is sliding against the Dollar since Governor Ueda announced the tweaks in the YCC.

Traders are weighing out how flexible they will be moving forward as they shift away from the ultra-dovish policy.

Price action is on an upward trend with USD gaining after an upbeat earnings week. Nonfarm payrolls coming out on Friday should have an effect on the FX pair.


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