Overcoming Crypto Winter with a Seamless Platform!

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What is Crypto Winter?

The number one thing to understand in trading is that it functions in a cyclical manner. A great analogy to that is the changing of seasons. For better or worse, we are currently experiencing the so-called “Crypto Winter” but it is nothing to be afraid of.

As an investor and trader, you need to be willing to accept the cyclic nature of markets and be ready for stagnant periods that follow intense price drops.

Presently, yes we are in one but it is not as dramatic as people are claiming it to be. With adoption heavily increasing and regulations being made, this was more or less expected to happen.

However, we could definitely say that the LUNA crash had a great factor in the subsequent market volatilities. When projects of this reputation fall, it creates a ripple effect throughout the industry and sends the community into panic.

We need to remember markets are cycles; the great crypto crash of 2018 did not put an end to the industry as everyone presumed. In fact, projects learned, regrouped, and came back with a bigger community.

It is all about patience and investing in what you think is right and doing the necessary research.

Are Crypto Winters a Good Way to Test the Crypto Market to Tease Out Poor, Weak Performers?

We see 2 sides to this, on one hand, yes it does help filter out projects that have no growth and potential. While at the end of the day, it’s the stronger tech and community that survives.

It must be noted to say that when other big companies make job cuts, their industry is not declared dead by the media. Although the cryptocurrency market has gained traction in the past few years, it has not yet reached a level of maturity where doubters are convinced it will survive.

In spite of the fact that many trading platforms are scrambling to stabilize trading volumes despite the waning trading volumes during the ongoing crypto winter, DIFX continues to grow rapidly as a trading platform.

On the other hand, many upcoming projects lose their traction to launch and grow their communities. Increased fear also pushes back on overall adoption and can even cause restrictive regulations to come about.

With the newly acquired EU Licenses that DIFX has just obtained, as well as the new features that are going to be introduced soon, the future looks promising for DIFX. We always pay attention to quality in each and every project that we work on.

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