DIFX Quick Buy: Pick, Click, Buy!

DIFX-Quick-Buy copy

At the moment, you have multiple options to buy the cryptocurrency of your choice. You can choose a reliable cryptocurrency platform and place a market order to buy your desired token at the market price.

Additionally, traditional banks and financial institutions offer instant crypto purchase services with which you only get to choose from a limited list of crypto tokens. There’s also one more thing for you to consider: these services mostly come with a high fee.

Quick Buy is one of the new DIFX features which offers the best of available options, allowing you to instantly buy any DIFX-listed crypto token with little to no fee.

How to Use Quick Buy on DIFX

Quick Buy works quite simply:

  • 1- Go to DIFX and select the “Markets” tab.
  • 2- On the “Markets” page, enable the “Quick Buy” option.
  • 3- Now, choose your cryptocurrency of choice and click on “Buy”.
  • 4- On the following pop-up window, enter your desired amount and check the rate you’d get. To proceed, click on “Buy”.

And that’s it! You’ve just bought some crypto with a few clicks!

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