The Future Has Finally Arrived!

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We are pleased to announce that DIFX is launching an updated version of its trading platform with a slew of impressive new features.

The new update contains the highly anticipated futures trading, where you can leverage traditional and digital markets to maximize your profits on assets like metals, stocks, indices, Forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Along with the addition of futures, DIFX has revamped its layout and design to enhance your trading experience. 

Our CEO, Jeetu Kataria, stated:

We have been re-writing the architecture of the exchange over the past nine months, adding assets from our MT5 platform to the spot platform. With this merge, users will be able to trade more than several assets on a single platform in conjunction with spot custody of BTC, ETH, or USDT they will be able to trade multiple assets at once. It is from here that DIFX will begin its real journey.

The New Features

Some improved changes include the addition of :  

  1. Futures Trading
  2. Crypto Pricing and Algorithmic Trading
  3. Market Pairs (Spot & Futures) Organized by Categories (USDT, NFT, DEFI, etc.)
  4. An Order Book For Filtering and Decimal Selection
  5. Conversion of Small Balances to DIFX Tokens
  6. Custom Trading Views
  7. Improved Biometric Flow and Onboarding
  8. Multi-fiat Currency Converters
  9. DIFX HODLer (VIP Trader) Levels
  10. Credit and Debit Cards Support

The changes show significant progress on our mission to spread the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and to build a singular platform for modern-day investors with diverse portfolios in traditional and digital assets. Furthermore, the optimized application, makes it highly accessible to blockchain newcomers who have a keen interest in all things crypto.

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