DIFX Converter: Swap Your Crypto With a Click

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DIFX Converter is one of the new features on DIFX Exchange which allows you to compare the prices of two different cryptocurrencies and swap them instantly. The exchange rate used in this converter is based on the actual exchange rates calculated using the last price on the DIFX platform.

Just like the Quick Buy feature, DIFX Converter will save you the trouble of the market orders as you can exchange the crypto assets in your DIFX Wallet for Tether. All converts are subject to a minimum fee.

For more information on the DIFX fee rates, please visit our Fees and Conditions page.

How to Use the Converter on the DIFX App

The process is quite straightforward. To use our Converter:

1. Open the DIFX App on your phone and select “Convert

2. Select your coin and enter your desired amount. Click on the “Preview Conversion” to see the conversion rate and the amount of Tether you’ll receive.

3. Check the rate and click on “Convert” to proceed. You’d have 10s to convert otherwise you’d need to refresh to get the new rate.

4. You’ll receive a notification confirming your swap.

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