DIFX is Secure, Compliant, Transparent, and Diversified

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The recent incidents within the crypto market have been quite distressing for us all. As a centralized exchange, we see it as our responsibility to address our users on how DIFX is taking the required measures to ensure the safety of our users’ funds. 

As a cross-asset platform, we minimize the sudden and negative effects of a single market on our operations. This is the main reason why even during this prolonged crypto winter, we were able to extend our operations to new regions, expanding our team further.

Regarding FTX and its ongoing case, our users can rest assured that DIFX was not connected to the company in any way and was not affected by recent incidents in any manner.

Here’s how we are standing by our words to make sure we deliver you the best:

DIFX is a Cross-asset Platform

As a cross-asset platform, we operate in multiple asset classes alongside the crypto market. This gives you and us the ability to diversify our portfolios to hedge against the volatility of different markets.

By distributing our operations in different financial markets, we are able to manage the market risks quite effectively, capping the negative and unfavorable effects of a single market on our business.

DIFX Keeps Your Funds Secure

Unlike many centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, we don’t keep your cryptocurrencies with us. DIFX has partnered with Fireblocks, a prominent digital asset custodian in the world that offers its custodian services to many prominent names in the finance world.

Fireblocks utilizes next-generation security methods like MPC technology and confidential computing to safeguard your keys, helping us to ensure the safety of your assets while offering fast and low-fee transactions.

As a DIFX user, you can rest assured that your assets are now protected by a reliable and well-reputed company rather than DIFX itself. You don’t need to take our word for it. Here’s a case study conducted by Fireblocks which tells you how we grew from $5 million to $550 million in assets under management with their partnership.

DIFX Offers a Fully-insured Wallet

Our partnership with Fireblocks comes with another benefit as well. With DIFX, your funds are fully insured against hacks, errors, bugs, and internal fraud thanks to an insurance policy that covers assets in storage, transfer, and E&O.

You Are Always the True Owner of Your Funds

Compliance is one of the core DIFX values. Since our launch in 2020, we approached different authorities in different regions around the globe to secure the required licenses that would allow us to provide our services to our users in the most reliable manner. This year, we secured an additional license from the European Union for virtual asset exchange and custody services and we’re constantly trying to add to this list.

As a regulated exchange, we are obligated to provide our services within the defined scope of our licenses. DIFX is a centralized trading platform and does not provide lending and borrowing services. Additionally, we do not use our users’ funds for staking purposes without their direct and expressed permission.

Our Team is Always Here For You

You are at the heart of our business and we plan, design, and implement to address your requirements in the most secure and convenient way possible. Our customer support team works round the clock to make sure that your questions and queries are answered within a few minutes.

You can contact our 24/7 Customer Support through the chatbot on our website. You can also send your questions, concerns, or feedback to [email protected].

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