Upgrade Your Trading Experience

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On June 30th 2022, DIFX launched the latest version of its revolutionary trading platform, a newer, optimal, upgraded version. With this launch of DIFX, users can now experience an enhanced trading journey customized perfectly for their needs and truly leverage cross-asset trading and grow diverse portfolios.

Some key changes include:

  1. Layout Upgrades
  2. Customization Upgrades
  3. Trading Upgrades
  4. Security Upgrades

Layout Upgrades

The most obvious change to the platform is the new look and feel of the layout. The website & app can now be accessed in both dark & light mode.


Both beginners and experts will find it easy to use the layout with the availability of a quick access dashboard and preferred currency settings. Additionally, the layouts of the trading terminals have also been revamped to allow users seamlessly trade between traditional and digital assets. Other upgrades include crypto pricing and algorithmic trading, market pairs (Spot & Futures) organized by categories (USDT, NFT, DEFI, etc.), and an order book for filtering & decimal selection.

Customization Upgrades

Users can now create accounts through valid emails & phone numbers and set a customized trading journey.

Within the custom journey, users can create a unique username & profile avatar which will be associated with their DIFX User ID (UID).

The customized usernames and avatars will help users identify fellow traders on the platform and acts as an added reassurance for traders to send funds to different DIFX UIDs.It also helps to avoid the likelihood of entering an incorrect wallet address and losing money.

Users can also select their favorite pairs and trading views to help optimize their trading.

Trading Upgrades

There are multiple new platform upgrades that make trading on DIFX more enhanced and refined. Users can also select their favorite pairs and trading views to help optimize their trading. Plus, DIFX has also introduced quick buy tabs that allow users to simply buy and sell assets immediately with a click of a button.

Security Upgrades

DIFX has introduced added security in the form of two-factor authentication and OTPs sent to registered email IDs and/or phone numbers. Users can access their accounts using their biometrics or by scanning the QR code which saves the hassle of remembering passwords and pin codes.

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